We are Juzpop Creations, a primarily Melbourne based creative service although work internationally too, we paint murals, canvas originals and design illustrations. 


When you get Juzpop as your mural artist you’re getting Juzpops hand painted style, it is what we are known for and what our creative service is sought out for.

For an example if you’re after a photo realistic mural we’re not your guys, however would be happy to recommend to you a realism artist.

Our art is fresh, vibrant and on the pulse – but art is in the eye of the beholder so if our style is not for you, that's okay too.


Working environments

Workplace murals help create positive and inspiring working environments.

It helps build a place workers and clients can enjoy coming to, and boost staff morale bringing creativity into the office environment.


Murals and hospitality = social media hotspot

Social Media is a key part of life for pretty much everyone nowadays, a mural in hospitality will help build brand awareness as a result of your customers snapping a selfie in front of your unique mural.


Without a doubt most of our clientele come from the hospitality industry because we help develop and create an ambience unique to that space. 

It also makes customers experiences visually more memorable, unlike decals and wall paper a mural can express personality and an authentic vibe that can’t be mimicked. .


Hands down the best way to make people realise your company is in that building. People are always constantly looking for things to post on social media, here is one with your company all over it.

Exterior murals, also known as street art is the best way to communicate your brands personality in an authentic way, not to mention how Melbourne it is to have street art on your building.


It is something to show off, something to enjoy, something to talk about, something to get your mind through the day. It is a once off expense we recommend implementing during construction, renovation or launching phase as we will work together with your architects, builders, designers and team to ensure our art perfectly compliments your space and community.    

How to contact us?

E: contact@juzpop.com

P: Mark 0433 955 561

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