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Justine Elizabeth, also recognised in the art world as 'Juzpop,' is an Australian artist and muralist based in Melbourne. Inspired by individuals she photographs and the natural world, she conjures immersive visual narratives that transcend the boundaries of canvas, balancing between painting, muralism, street art and digital expressions.


Her practise navigates a creative realm where she challenges prevailing design norms, reimagines spaces and reshapes perceptions. As a keen advocate of female representation, Justines artistry encapsulates not just visuals but also a narrative, echoing her profound commitment to amplifying female voices and empowering diverse artistic expressions. 


Hailing from a lineage of creatives, Justine's artistic genesis took root during an artist residency in Oaxaca Mexico, marking the inception of her exploration into muralism. Here, amidst the cultural exchange, her passion for storytelling through art found its voice, laying the foundation for her vibrant journey as a visual artist. 

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