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Hola, Justine and Mark here.
A.K.A Juz and Minky

We 're professional artists dedicated to bringing colourful and vibrant portraitures into landscapes starved of colour and spirit, to make this experience on earth a little more joyful and uplifting.


Well really I'm the artist... (Juz), Mark is the all things business side of our enterprise, having previously managed a fortune 500 company, he upgraded to managing little old me to build our own business and a more fulfilling, meaningful life. 


I mean how many talented artists have you met that are as creative masters of their craft as WELL as excellently organised businessmen/women?


Yeah so basically we're the full package, I know right, adorable.


Although Mark is the business man he often assists on walls with me to ensure smooth mural applications. We hand paint all our murals with the beautiful human touch using paint brush. No spray cans, no paint fumes.


Theres a lot of things we love about our work, but the most exciting part is interpreting client briefs through our fine art style, and creating a brand new ambience in a space.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism as artists, but we're also just your typical coffee lovin', brunchin' Melbournians.


Home base is Melbourne, but our art tends take us overseas from time to time so don't feel your location is a limitation, get in touch for a consultation :-)


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Tel: +61 433 955 561

Current Location: Melbourne