Hello Juz here, I'm an Aussie artist and muralist from Melbourne.

I take photos of people and then drag them up through my art. I consider myself a multifaceted creative, although my favourite thing to do is paint a big fat wall.

Most days I’m designing murals for clients, and the rest I’m out painting them, but I am often also commissioned to paint one of a kind fashion items, original canvases, design digital art, and the occasional branding job too.

My creative practise is hugely influenced by femininity in every shape or form, fashion editorials, and drag. I like to develop story lines and characters within my work, which allows me to tell the stories of the brands and communities I work with. 


I’ve been painting big walls around Melbourne and nooks around the world for the last 4 years. I pride myself on my professionalism and ability to understand and translate my clients vision through my creations.

I don't believe in doing things half assed, I use the highest quality paint you can get, I will paint 4 coats of a colour if I think it needs it, and I don't leave a wall until I'm 100% proud of it. I love love LOVE working to a spaces branding and interior design, working to the aesthetic and ambience of a space is an essential part of the mural process for me. Before even thinking about painting I take the time with my clients to learn about them, their project and what they're trying to achieve out of the artwork.

I believe there is always a level of compromise when working with clients, and sometimes a whole team, this is where my skill of defining a creative brief with my clients and being able to translate it through my art has been incredibly useful.

My art is very much a piece of me, I put a lot of authentic love and energy into my work, but the real joy for me is creating something my clients absolutely love and will treasure for years to come. Although I have a very specific style and look about my work, I'm always excited by the challenge to translate an idea through my art form. For me, thats what being a a creative is all about.




RCH150 UooUoo Art Trail / 2021

Artist Residency / Agrado Art house, Mexico / 2019

Escape solo show / ASG Gallery, Melbourne / 2018

TSUNDOKU  / 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo / 2017

Whole Lotta' Woman solo show  / Victorian Artists Society / 2015



Visual Communication Design / Deakin University



Screen, Animation & Design study tour / 2017