Hello Juz here, I'm an Aussie artist and muralist from Naarm/Melbourne.

I debuted my art career at 3 years old using my Mothers fancy lip stick collection on the mirrors, a proud day for mum. I come from a family of artists and creatives, so making and creating has been a huge part of my life since I can remember. 

My life long passion to create led me to go full time with my art career in 2018, curating my first solo show before jet setting off on a mural tour with my partner Mark who backs me as an incredible project manager on each project. 


I consider myself a multifaceted creative, although my favourite thing to do is paint a big fat wall. At first glance my work may just appear as a pretty picture, but look closer and you'll discover my work is full of symbolic references and meaning,

and is so much more.  


Most days I’m designing murals for clients, and the rest I’m out painting them.

I am also often commissioned for illustrations, custom painted fashion accessories, canvases and a whole heaps of other stuff.

- Check out what I can do beyond walls here.


Although my goal is to always create an aesthetically pleasing artwork, I strive to tell stories through my visuals. Wether that's the story of a person, place, or moment in time, It's about creating something uniquely tailored to speak to a specific audience. All the portraits I paint are from my own photographs, or from photographers who have given me permission to use their images in my work. I spend a lot of my day researching and immersing myself in the briefs of my projects to bring them to life through visual story telling, I love it.


Although I have a very specific style and look about my work, I'm always excited by the challenge to translate an idea through my creations.

For me, thats what being a creative is all about : )


RCH150 UooUoo Art Trail / 2021

Artist Residency / Agrado Art house, Mexico / 2019

Escape solo show / ASG Gallery, Melbourne / 2018

TSUNDOKU  / 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo / 2017

Whole Lotta' Woman solo show  / Victorian Artists Society / 2015



Visual Communication Design / Deakin University



Screen, Animation & Design study tour / 2017